Advent Calendar Ingredient List

We hope you and your dog create some magical memories, and have lots of fun opening each days surprise. 

In loving memory of our boy Rufus - who sampled lots of the fillings but didn't quite make it to open his own calendar doors. 


Day 1. Lamb Lung

Day 2. Splats

Day 3. Beef Liver

Day 4. Lamb Cheesy Bites

Day 5. Venison Liver

Day 6. Splats 

Day 7. Lamb Liver

Day 8. Venison Cheesy Bites

Day 9. Venison Lung

Day 10. Lamb Liver

Day 11. Beef Cheesy Bites

Day 12. Beef Liver

Day 13. Green Lipped Mussel

Day 14. Lamb Cheesy Bites

Day 15. Splats

Day 16. Lamb Lung

Day 17. Beef Cheesy Bites

Day 18. Splats

Day 19. Venison Liver

Day 20. MuttButter Cookies

Day 21. Venison Cheesy Bites

Day 22. Festive Drink

Day 23. Chicken Neck Bites

Day 24. Christmas Treat! 

Treats by ScoopDog, MuttButter & Chewsday.