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Bully Brushir Bacon Toothbrush Chew

Bully Brushir Bacon Toothbrush Chew

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Elevate your dog's dental care with Bully Brushirs – the innovative chew solution that combines tough, effective brushes with an ergonomic design. The bacon flavoured top section, combined with antimicrobial nylon bristles clean top and bottom teeth, while silicone bristles protect their gums while they happily chew!  

One - two minutes of chewing a day promotes optimal oral hygiene. With Bully Brushirs, the chore of dental care transforms into a playful bonding experience, thanks to its engaging textures and durable build. 

Join the ranks of satisfied pet owners who've already discovered the secret to healthier gums, cleaner teeth, and a happier canine companion. Say goodbye to doggy breath and hello to a lifetime of bright smiles – choose Bully Brushirs today and unleash better dental health for your beloved furry friend.

Safe for use with vet-approved toothpastes. 

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