About Us

Scoop Dog is a small team, doing big things. We produced the first of its kind in New Zealand - an ice cream mix for dogs and we've continued to push boundaries and carve a path for other businesses to follow ever since. 

Scoop Dog was an idea for many years but became a reality during the 2020 NZ lockdown. It was a long process, researching, trialing and consulting with nutritional experts but we finally came up with a formula we were proud of. No hidden fats or sugars that have been craftily renamed - just good honest kiwi ingredients that benefit our dogs. We launched to the public on Halloween 2021 - no tricks, just treats!  

For founders, Jono and Aleisha, enhancing your dogs life with their creative and delicious treats is serious business. Every Scoop Dog product is innovative, fun and creative AND safe and nutritious. You can rest assured your furry family member is receiving only delicious and nutritious sustenance from Scoop Dog. 

So go ahead, spoil your pal with the yummy goodness of Scoop Dog products and make every day an adventure.

Why settle for boring when you can have Scoop Dog?


 In loving memory of the original Scoop Dog, Rufus.