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Carob Flavour - Scoop Dog
Vanilla Flavour - Scoop Dog
Bacon Flavour - Scoop Dog
Banana Flavour - Scoop Dog
Scoop Dog Ice Cream
Human Grade Ingredients
Ingredients you can pronounce! Ones you most likely use daily.
Proudly NZ Made
Small batched in a commercial grade kitchen.
All Natural
New Zealand sourced, all Natural Ingredients. NO fillers, grains, GMOs, preservatives,...
Easy To Make
Mix with water, and freeze! Easy peezy.
New Zealand Honey
Powdered Honey is rich in amazing Vitamins & Nutrients. Cell, Fur, Skin, Joint and Digestive benefits.
New Zealand Goat Milk
Creamy and full of Natural Calcium, Proteins, Nutrients & Vitamins. Low in Lactose, gentle on your pets stomach.