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PAWS Fishy Flakes Meal Topper

PAWS Fishy Flakes Meal Topper

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Are you owned by a fussy feline? PAWS Tuna Fishy Flakes will entice your kitty like no other treat can! Wild caught Tuna fish fillets are carved into long, paper-thin shavings that will practically melt in your cat's mouth. Absolutely nothing has been introduced to compromise its purity. Cats find the strong fishy scent irresistible! You can feed PAWS as a daily treat or sprinkle it over kitty's food as an enticing meal topper.

PAWS Tuna Fishy Flakes are a delicate 1 ingredient treat full of powerful nutrients! Rich in taurine, protein, and omega 3, these treats support your cat’s vision, along with brain, joint, coat and heart health. Whether you use them as a treat or a food topper, your cat is sure to love these fishy flakes.

In addition to being made with simple, easy to identify ingredients, these dried tuna treats are also free from chemicals, preservatives, additives, colourings, dyes, enhancers, fillers, and hormones so that you can ensure your furry friend is not only getting a treat that they love, but one that is great for them.

Watch your kitty's reaction when you pour a few flakes of PAWS; it’s like nothing you have seen before. 

Single Ingredient: Tuna

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