Cant I just feed my dog human Ice Cream?
No! Human Ice Cream is made for humans, and not good for your dog. It contains huge amounts of sugar and fat along with artificial flavours, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives, colouring etc. Not to mention Cow Milk is not great on dogs stomachs.
OK then, whats so special about Scoop Dog Ice Cream?
Our 5 Natural Ingredients! Goat Milk is soothing on the stomach a good source of calcium and full of good vitamins and nutrients. Honey Powder is bursting full of pheonomnial nutrients and vitamins. Beef Gelatine is a good source of fiber. Our flavouring's are natural and we only use a tiny little pinch of salt.
Why has my Scoop Dog Ice Cream gone hard?
Dogs love to lick, and harder ice cream lasts longer! 

Honestly though...the making of Ice Cream, believe it or not, is very scientific. But basically super soft ice cream needs a HUGE amount of fat and sugar along with chemical emulsifiers and stabilizers, none of which is good to feed your dog. Hence why our ice cream can become a little harder, as we avoid all these nasties...simply just let it thaw a little longer before serving. 
How often shoud I feed Scoop Dog Ice Cream?
Ice Cream is a treat. It should not make up more than 5-10% of your dogs diet. Feed only once a day as per your dogs size. Always have plenty of fresh clean water available. 
Can I eat Scoop Dog Ice Cream?
While we only use Human Grade ingredients, our ice cream is developed for dogs taste buds, not ours.
How long does Scoop Ice Cream last?
Shelf life is 12 months. Once mixed and frozen, upto 4 weeks...if it lasts that long!
Do you make other flavours of Scoop Dog Ice Cream?
Yes! We have a standard range of Vanilla, Banana, Bacon and Carob, however we are constantly working on new flavours and also limited edition flavours.