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Shake over meals for oceans of goodness! 

Nature's superfood!! Harvested from our pristine waters, then gently air dried. Kelp is one of the many types of Seaweed and is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and iodine.

Our handy mini-shaker makes adding Seaweed to meal time a breeze. Flip one side to sprinkle over food, or flip to other to pour - perfect for when your mixing up Jelly or Ice Cream.

Seaweed has so many amazing benefits for your dog - it's the ocean-grown super-food!! It can help prevent dental tartar/plaque build-up, support digestive function, aid in skin condition and itchiness reduction.

Ingredients: 100% Dried Kelp

Size: 75g

Warning: Do not exceed recommended dosage. Not suitable for dogs with thyroid issues, puppies under 6 months, pregnant or lactating dogs.

We recommend feeding every second day. 

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