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Zippy Paws Snooziez Alligator

Zippy Paws Snooziez Alligator

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Introducing Snooziez with Shhhqueaker Toys, the perfect solution for pet parents who want to give their dogs the joy of squeaky toys while enjoying a peaceful environment. These soft and cuddly corduroy cuties come with incredible features that make them the ideal choice for a serene household.

These soft and cuddly corduroy cuties provide your dog with a delightful squeaker sound that falls silent upon human ears. It's the perfect toy for when you need a little peace and quiet around the house.


  • Features exclusive shhhqueaker for quieter play
  • Shhhqueaker noisemaker produces a high frequency squeak that only your dog can hear, eliminating the repetitive squeaking sound of traditional dog toys
  • Unlike other silent squeakers, the shhhqueaker is free of dangerous metal parts
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